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Benefits of ReflectInsight Extensions

The benefits to using the Insight Extensions is that you can easily and quickly add them to your applicable with little effort and then use the ReflectInsight Viewer to view your logging in real-time, allowing you to filter, search, navigate and see the details of your logged messages.

Specific to PostSharp

The benefits of using the PostSharp extension gives you automatic traceability across all methods at a class level or only at a specific method, or a specific field.

If using the extension at a class level there are cases where you may want to ignore certain methods ie. constructor.

You can also define if method traceability that will log parameters and their values.

At a field level traceability, changing field values will only be shown in the Viewer's Scratchpad. Note that Scratchpad values are not persisted and they are only available via the Viewer.

Specific to Enterprise Library

One of the nice benefits of using the Enterprise Library extension is that if your message you log is XML, then the extension will automatically transform your message into the SendXML message type which will show up in the XML syntax.

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